Meet Your Farmers

Jubilee Family Farm is dedicated to natural and sustainable farming, specializing in grass-fed beef, pork, grass-fed lamb, and poultry. We are blessed to be stewards of this land and the creatures on it. Our animals are well cared for and allowed to express their natural inclinations. They are not caged and have constant access to the outside, inside, sun or shade…whatever they prefer at that moment. While not pasture based because we have limited space and need to bale our alfalfa for the winter months, our pens are gigantic allowing plenty of room for running and playfulness. We do not give routine antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones, nor do we use pesticides or herbicides on our gardens or crops affording you the most natural meat for your dinner table.

Watch for Farm tour links throughout the website and you can catch a glimpse of our world and the animals we enjoy.

Farm tour: Check out these brand new little piglets nursing. I love “happy mama pig” noises! This is one of the things that makes farming so worthwhile for us.

Your dedicated farmers are Mark and Karen and our daughters Kathryn and Rebekah.
We live in Olathe, Colorado on 20 acres which is all under some type of use. We are committed to raising our animals in humane, natural and sustainable conditions. We believe in and support farm fresh and local products. No routine antibiotics or added hormones, no herbicides or pesticides. We never add nitrites or nitrates or MSG to our sausages. Our animals are never raised in confinement.

We sell live animals, half or whole processed animals, CSA boxes, wholesale and retail.